Thursday, January 7, 2010


I should probably clarify something from the last post. My vanity is very small......meaning I really only have a small amount of readers and I get depressed if even 1 person is missing for the day....okay, maybe not "depressed" but i shuffle around looking at the ground for a while wondering why i have to write such a silly blog.

So before you start getting blog envy and boycotting my blog thinking i have thousands of readers, you should know my entire happiness depends on each of you coming and reading pressure.


  1. Well, you may have noticed I was missing for the last little while, but it was because I was out of country so I have a good excuse! I read about 8 blogs, and I get the most excited when I see yours is updated. And that actually is the truth :)

  2. lol you crack me up!
    Also, vanity wise? we're on the same level. Oh how I wish those 15 reader days would morph into the 50 reader days. What gives?!

  3. I read, and I always enjoy. You are a good writer, and are quite funny. =)