Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

For Christmas this year Helmut and I decided to buy a joint gift for each other and the family. Since we don't have cable or TV, but we do have the fastest internet that money can buy (thanks to Helmut being a web geek) we got ourselves a small black plastic box that plays Netflix, Blu ray discs, and a bunch of other stuff that you shouldn't ask me about (because I don't know).

This allows us to watch Netflix directly from the web on streaming video.....or a bunch of other such words that I don't really understand. Netflix and I have a rather informal relationship. Since we've had the streaming video option, we've become rather intimately acquainted. It knows my likes, and dislikes. It frequently suggests I watch videos implying that I will absolutely adore them.....all based on it's rating system of course. I've rated about 100 videos from best to worst and now they've got my number.

A week ago I was on Netflix looking for some new videos to add to my list when i noticed this series from BBC that it insisted I had to watch. Normally I don't bother with TV shows, but since it was so positive I would love the tune of 5 whopping stars, i decided to give it a try. Yesterday's post was inspired by this past week of activity following the submergence into this new show.....So you must be wondering what it's about, let me sum it up for you:

Beautiful Scottish countryside
A Castle
Secret Passageways
Scottish Accents
Amusing characters
LOADS of Charm

Okay, I'm a grandma, but whatever, I can't stop watching. I'm so addicted I can barely peel myself away do anything. Lucky for me there are only 5 seasons.

It's called "Monarch of the Glen."

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