Monday, October 26, 2009

Etsy Revealed: Size Does Matter

A few weeks ago I had my very first experience with Etsy. It started off with a mission to find an over sized purse that could double as a diaper bag, and ended with 3 different purchases and many "hearts." If you've somehow managed to avoid Etsy thus far a "heart" means you're partially in love with an item but unable to overcome the sizable price tag, so you save it in your favorites section and hope that someday you'll amass a fortune large enough to buy it.

In case you're wondering just what did I throw my money at, I'm going to tell you:

1) The purse (duh, you knew that already) 32$

2) A nightlight for Hayden's room 13$

3) A romantic little necklace 23$

I stopped there because I wanted to see how things went before I made any further purchases....and because I was broke.

My purchases trickled in over the following three weeks. The first one to arrive was the nightlight. When i saw it in the picture I envisioned it being about the size of a tea cup. Maybe a tad bit bigger.....with a plug. What I got was a very tiny Lego sized (but none the less cute) nightlight, with batteries. Unbelievably adorable, but unusable (Etsy please don't send a crafting mafia after me for this review!).

The next item to arrive was the cute little necklace......"little" being the operative word here. In the picture I saw the model was supposedly wearing a 15 inch chain, with the necklace falling in the mid section of the woman's chest. I'm fairly certain that my neck is normal sized, average at the very least, and the necklace nearly chokes me. On the bright side, it's still very pretty and I wear it anyway....choking hazard and all.

Pictured below:

The last item to arrive was the over sized purse. While being a little smaller than I had envisioned......(it does NOT actually fit my personal chef) it is still very nice and is actually my favorite of all the items I have bought so far.

If you every do decide to shop Etsy, be sure to read EVERY DETAIL of the item description, including the measurements, and then you may want to actually measure them out to get a real idea of the item's size. NEVER rely on the pictures. Pictures tell lies....lesson learned.

On a side note: I just noticed the place that sold me the necklace is going to be having a sale. I'm sorry to report I will be ending this blog prematurely so i can go and heart more items.


  1. Haha. Your blogs are awesome. I had never heard of Etsy before you started talking about it....I shop something called Kijiji....ever heard of it? It's similar in the sence that the pictures don't tell the true story and you can end up being rather disapointed by what you end up with :) Can you belive our little girls are one and almost one?? Crazy. I'm getting the baby itch again, and you warned me good in one of your recent posts.....but I'M STILL FEELING IT!! When I have my next one in nine months and I'm pulling my hair out, you can give me a REAL GOOD told ya so! No, not pregnant yet, but, like i said, I'm feelin the need :) Keep blogging, I'm a dedicated reader, even though I may not comment on every one.

  2. LOL. Yeah that happens to me quite a bit. Don't tell Josh, but I just bought like 200 buttons (WTH?) and yeah...I even got out my ruler before I hit purchase, but alas the sizes still seem off. Maybe I don't quite understand those all those little lines on that measuring device.

  3. Tamara I'm feeling it too. 12 months is a freaky bewitchingly cute age.