Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Human Alarm Clocks

Somebody needs to inform my 11 month old and 2 year old that I will be happy to assist them with all their night time needs and early morning wake up but i will require a platter of egg, bacon and cheese taco's, a super-sized latte, and some brownies....and even then i will probably still resemble this:

Last night I went to bed with a headache. I even took some Tylenol because i thought it would help and put me to sleep. It didn't. I lay awake for another hour until Hayden came in and helped himself to the middle section of our bed. I then spent the next 7 hours fielding blows to my face and back. I miss the days of the crib, when he couldn't get out and he slept good every night by himself...and when i didn't wake up in the morning with a black eye from where my 2 year old kicked me and socked me with his stuff cat. Seriously, is he training to be a ninja in his sleep? On a side note: maybe i should stop showing him Kung Fu Panda before bed.

Mariah also decided to join in the fun by randomly waking, screaming and thrashing around when i picked her up (usually a sign that she's having an allergic reaction to a bug bite). I responded with my usual reaction to a random midnight wakening which is to mutter curses and swears under my breath and shake my fist at the sky....not actual curses and swears, just the words "curses" and "swears." By morning i was so grouchy that when my husband made a comment about leaving for work, I almost spontaneously combusted.

There are no sick days as a mom. I think that's the most difficult part of being a mother for me. Sometimes i just want to sleep of a bad night but i can't. I do have to give Helmut some credit though, since we don't have any family around us he really does step up and give me a break when I really need it. As the morning progressed things got better. Two cups of hot chocolate later and I was able to stop my seething and start in with the annoyed sighing (a step up I assure you). All's well that ends well right? I sure hope tonight goes better though. I would just hate to burst a blood vessel from a dramatic rise in blood pressure tomorrow morning.


  1. can I add my two boys into that "grrrrr...can we NOT sleep alllll night" catagory?? they get up two to three times a night now to go to the bathroom & each time, I get woken up...then Len's new alarm goes off at some unGodly hour, for which he ignores & goes back to sleep & all I want to do is smash it to smitherines & throw it out the window w/mutterings! Must be genetic to mutter "curses" & "swears" & shake the fist :) but seriously, if they don't let me sleep a whole night I might eat them all!
    hope mariah girl is feeling better though!

  2. If you can get the kids to make that awesome sounding breakfast for you in the mornings, can you send them this way too? :)

  3. A sick day every now and then would be great! I just keep telling myself that one day I will sleep through the night on a constant basis again :) Except by then I will be staying awake wondering when Logan is going to be getting home from his date :)
    Hope last night went better for you!