Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Dangers of Caffiene

You know how most people get friendlier after a couple of drinks? Caffeine has a similar affect on my body. If i have more than 1 small cup I quickly become chatty and overly outgoing, energetic and .....different. The experience ends with my over activeness spiraling into irrationality and usually ending with really unnecessary tears. For these reasons i limit my caffeine intake to at most 1 small cup a week.

After talking with a friend last night and deciding to make a early morning play date (10am is early for us), I decided that this morning would be the best morning for drinking copious amounts of coffee...or indulging in that iced mocha, so that I would be able to have the ability to actually speak in full sentences with her, instead muttering the usual unintelligible strings of dialogue that get me by during most mornings.

I was feeling really good about my decision, and enjoying my latte immensely at the park when all of the sudden I noticed a pregnant woman with a small child. My first thought was "that is the most beautiful pregnant mom I've ever seen (seriously she looked just like Heidi Klum!)," and secondly, "I SHOULD TOTALLY INTRODUCE MYSELF AND MAKE SMALL TALK."

If you're one of my friends, or you know me at all you have probably noticed what an intense introvert I am. I spent years trying to come out of my shell and become "outgoing" until I read a book on personality types and realized introverted is just a personality type and inside I'm never going to really change. So i stopped trying. Embrace the inner introvert people. I digress.

I realized at the time it was the caffeine kicking in and I promise I tried to keep myself from blurting out my life story, but before I knew it an opening came and I found myself giving the details of both labors, the ins and outs of transitioning from 1 kid to 2 kids (a subject I should NEVER be allowed to talk to pregnant moms about), my phone number and offering to babysit her unborn child. I'm pretty sure I freaked her out. I honestly didn't mean to be so overpowering. I swear it was the caffeine. On any other day she would have been lucky to get a unseeing stare out of me.

I wonder what would happen if I drank caffeine every day?


  1. lol! I would have loved to witness this. Coffee has similar effects on me, but to a MUCH smaller degree--thank God, since I drink it every morning. I don't know how you survive only drinking it once a week...but it's probably safer for your social calendar: three cups later and you have yourself booked through the new year ;)

  2. You would be best friends with every stranger (in answer to your question). You make me laugh.

  3. Now you can add that you didnt freak that pregnant lady with the small child out because she actually ended up calling you to meet up again! :) That was really nice what you said about me...I would never describe myself that way but its a wonderful compliment. I am usually reserved myself so I think your caffine drinking helped us both out. :)

  4. Ha! I'm so glad I didn't freak you out!! We had fun with you guys at the park today and are looking forward to next week:)