Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bug Bite Drama

Tonight I'm nursing a splitting headache and wondering what could possibly have brought this on. Maybe it's the insane heat, the like of which my body has never been subjected to before, or maybe it was having to tell Hayden "NO" 5000 times today, or maybe it was because I spent the day worrying about Mariah's hugely swollen foot.

I'm going to go with the latter. A couple months ago Mariah got feasted on by some mosquitoes and a few days later developed HUGE scary looking bug bites. Both of her legs swelled up and she was really cranky for several days. I got so worried that I ended up taking her to the Walgreen's pharmacy where they told me I would have to give her benadryl and antibiotics because it was clear that they were getting infected and she was having an allergic reaction. After reading the warning label on the benadryl I decided to try something else. So instead of taking her to the doctor, I took her to People's Pharmacy. In case you've never heard of this place I will just go ahead and tell you it's absolutely a-m-a-z-i-n-g. They have a full stock of homeopathic remedies, natural cures and plenty of people to tell you how to use them. They have remedies and cures for things I didn't even know it was possible to cure without surgery. I personally have tried a few of their remedies with great success, even better success than I've had with regular doctors. So, i decided to take Mariah there and see if they had any miracles. I shouldn't have even wondered. Within a couple minutes of arriving I was given a homeopathic remedy and sent on my way. I gave Mariah the stuff they gave me (Apis Mellifica) and within 2 hours her legs were looking normal again. It was amazing. Apparently Mariah is allergic to bug bites. I had no idea that was even possible.

So yesterday when she woke up from her nap with a hugely swollen ankle I just assumed it must be from a bug bite. With only a small amount of panicking I was able to give her the remedy they gave me and waited to be amazed again. To my horror it has been about 30 hours now and it still looks about the same as yesterday....except now her foot is also a little swollen. It doesn't really look like any of the previous bug bites looked which leads me to think maybe she sprained her ankle. It doesn't appear to cause her any pain to stand on though, and only seems to bother her when it itches, so I'm stumped. I would take her to the doctor, but the doctors around here are boneheads and I can already hear them telling me just to keep an eye on it...as they charge me $200.

Anybody got any ideas?

Just for fun I looked up Apis Mellifica to see what it is I'm actually feeding to my 10 month old baby. It's crushed up honey bee's. Not the honey, just the bee's. Yummy.


  1. I have a suggestion, move to Canada. Free Health Care. Never have to pay to go to the doctor again :)

  2. When my brother was little he would get mosquito bites that would swell up to about the size of a quarter and get about a quarter inch (or less) high. He was allergic. I don't remember them ever being more of a problem than that, and I think my parents just put callomine lotion on them (I have no idea what that has in it however). =)

  3. I wish Tamara!

    That's what usually happens Rachel, but twice now they've continued to swell until they're the size of an oreo cookie and more, and they become warm. I'll have to try callomine lotion though, I never even thought of that. Does your brother still get a reaction from them?