Thursday, September 17, 2009

Reptilian Thing

This is a lizard, salamander, or gecko (don't quote me on that) that
Hayden found living in a bucket. He revelled in holding it and proudly
showing it to Everybody. We put a little bit of water in the bucket so
it could "swim", then he decided to pick it up by the head and
accidentally squeezed it too hard. At first I thought he had completely
pinched off it's head...then I realized it was just upside down and
what I was seeing was the tail (sigh of relief, how do you explain
that to a toddler?). After about 10 stunned minutes the thing started
to move again and appeared none the worse for wear. We quickly let it outside to "go home." I guess the idea of a pet for Hayden will have
to be revisited in a few years...or else it will have to be something
on the large side that doesn't fit between the thumb and forefinger of
a toddler.

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