Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saving Face

Yesterday was our 5 year wedding anniversary and to celebrate we got a babysitter for tonight, booked a fancy restaurant and planned a nice dress-up date.

I waited until 1.5 hours before the babysitter was due to arrive to pick out my outfit which took 30 seconds, then I spent the next 89 minutes second guessing it. I worked myself into such a state that when Mariah was clinging to my legs in despair and crying her eyes out because I was too busy flinging clothes on and off to pick her up, that I coldly told her to stop crying. For heaven's sakes child, don't you know this is an emergency? In reality I was really just irritated that Helmut didn't hear her cries and come running to fetch her without my having to ask, since HELLO we all know that men are mind readers. Not. Actually that's not fair, Helmut does an admirable job at reading my mind, just not on this occasion. It also may not have helped that he was outside at the time and therefore unable to hear her crying. I expect him to read my mind, but I guess my expectations of his telepathic powers shouldn't exceed the boundaries of our home.

After angrily flinging off a dress that I couldn't zip for myself, I decided to quit trying to impress and put on something I knew would be ugly. If I'm not trying to impress, it will be impossible to disappoint right? It was at this time that I had a personal revelation. I may be the ONLY WOMAN ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET who does NOT like to get dressed up.....well, not the only woman, my Mom would be the only other woman I know who equally loathes it. I like to look nice, I really don't want to spent all my time in PJ's and play clothes, but the amount of stress that comes out of a simple fancy dinner date is really not worth the insanity it creates.

I'm not ready to trade all my Jimmy Choo's (who am I kidding I've never owned a Jimmy Choo *sob*) in for socks and Birkenstock yet, but fancy dress up dates might be on hold until I have a sister or a very good friend who is willing to give me honest opinions on what I should and should not wear on them.

After a very dramatic 1.5 hours we were ready to leave only to find out that the babysitter had a family emergency and couldn't come. So, after all the stress and drama we ended up going out in jeans and t-shirts with the kids to eat some tacos.


  1. Awwww. Next time, call me! I'm always around:)

  2. oh kari, i can not begin to tell you how many annys have been spent that way!!! our kids think its normal now to go celebrate mommy & daddy's anny :) just think, in another 11 years, neither of your beautiful children will come with you & you will have a lifetime of celebrations all alone, wishing they were there :) that is at least what i tell myself as I don the jeans & t-shirt to go out on the town for salad or sandwiches in honor of our special day :D

  3. lol oh no! I hope the tacos were a-mazing

  4. Awww, I'm sure you looked quite stunning in all of the outfits you tried on before the final jeans. Maybe Mariah was crying because the first one was her favorite and she couldn't tell you because her verbal skills do not yet match her eye for fashion. One could hope, right? :)

  5. I am so with you on a sister or friend for fashion advice. I like looking nice but maybe not for that price! I love these glimpses into your mom-filled days. They make me smile and realize I am not alone:)