Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Diet Log

Well, my face is still grossly disfigured, but enough about that. I'm going to give an update on my diet.

I've officially been starving every single night (except 3) for 4.5 weeks now. I've lost 10.5 miserable pounds of baby weight. I was originally shooting for 15, but now I'm thinking I may as well stay in it for the long haul and get the last 5 off as well. So my new goal is 20 pounds. That means I've got 9.5 pounds left and I'm estimating about 8 more weeks of being on a diet.

The first couple of days were the most difficult, but now that I'm in the rhythm my body has gotten used to it and I'm not as hungry. I feel good about myself and really good about getting rid of the muffin top.

In case you're curious I'm going to outline my diet below:

Disclaimer: this in not a diet for people who are trying to get "healthy." It does not endorse exercise or good eating habits. It's for people who want to lose weight without changing their main food groups i.e. pizza, chocolate, what have you.

There is only 1 rule on this diet. That's what makes it so easy. DON'T EAT AFTER 3PM.
That's it. That's the WHOLE diet. Eat whatever you want before that. For example, today I ate cheesecake for breakfast (I know I'm incorrigible) and a bunch of egg tacos for lunch. I should probably say though that if you break the 1 and only rule you will in fact GAIN weight. Should you try this diet, DO NOT break that rule or you'll be sorry.

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