Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Potty Diaries: Day 3

There shouldn't even be a post here because today Hayden made it the WHOLE DAY without an accident. I was so ready for this experience to be a repeat of last time, which was a nightmare. I even let Hayden pick out a 2 lb bag of potty candy thinking it would take FOREVER. There's $12.99 I'll never get back....uhhh yeah, I let him choose his own ginormous bag of candy and instead of going for the $3.99 bag of M&M's he chose the WAY OVERPRICED Jelly belly's. Note to self: NEVER BUY JELLY BELLY'S. Seriously people, they're JELLY BEANS. Come on, how can it cost $12.99 to manufacture little chewy balls of sugar?? I thought they would be at most $6 bucks. Lessons learned.

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